Saturday, August 9, 2008


oooh man weren't the opening ceremonies of the olympics so cooool!! i missed them when they were on live because i was teaching, but we just watched a big montage of the coolest parts and it was so awesome. so chinese. they spent $100 million on it, it ought to be cool. my favorite part was the men in the lightup suits who did marching formations.

in my GL3 class tonight we had a mini-olympics of our own and i had them compete in all of the activities to see who would get the gold metal. i think the concept was completely lost on them, but it was fun for me. the moms seemed happy this time which makes me happy. and my coteacher was wearing these:
except hers were army green with light pink accents.

i have no stories today. i talked the fruit lady down $10 (30 cents) and i was forced to buy a disgusting pork, tea egg (a soft boiled egg, peeled and soaked in rancid..ok it isn't rancid but it isn't delicious.. tea for weeks at a time so that the whole thing becomes brown) and bamboo shoot dinner at beef noodle lady in guei shan even though all i wanted was rice. the lady didn't understand what i said and then when she understood that all i wanted was rice, she said that since she already packaged the meal for me, i HAD to buy it. i guess that's fair enough, but she was really not being nice about it and i didn't enjoy it at all =\ so on my way home i bought one of the leek pancake things and 2 bellfruit.
time for bed! i have early class tomorrow.


faj said...

You saw the Olympics ahead of us. The opening was very cool!

Still hot in ol Texas again this weekend. We are taking Ripley to el Lago with us and we'll take her swimming. Not many folks around when it's this hot, so she can wander off the leash. She enjoys chasing the ducks and getting exercise.

We'll have chicken piccatta at Bela Sera tonight, unless there's a caper shortage ;) We'll be thinking of you.
Maj & Faj

Majjy said...

You can get us on Dad's BB.

megan said...

oh man i went to this fancy food market under the mall today and they had canned artichokes and i was thinking i might make some chicken piccatta. they have really expensive capers at carrefour but i think its at least 10 to a bottle ;)