Thursday, August 14, 2008

girlfriend not-girlfriend

exciting news, friend and fam. i was asked to write a spotlight piece for the sweet potato times. i think i'm second in line, so i won't be in this issue, but we'll see. of course i'll keep you posted.

bought some trays today. here's a trick for the disorganized: if you put all of the little crap that collects everywhere on some kind of fancy tray, instead of looking like you lack organization, you appear stylish and fancy. maybe it's in my head. but i think it works. refer to exhibits a, b and c:

after i bought my trays, keith took me to class and hung out in the teachers' lounge for a bit which stirred up all kinds of gossip in my class. class itself was boring today. i think i'm tired of the memorization style of teaching. i want to do things to make them actually learn the words.

after class i met up with this man who has his own english school. he tried to talk me into leaving my current school to work for him, but his arguments weren't very compelling. i'm 2 weeks away from getting my ARC, i'm living here for $60/month, there are tons of teachers at this school and thus a readymade network of friends, and i get lots of hours. he was offering an ARC, fewer hours for slightly more pay, no housing, and i'd be one of 2 teachers so no network. his main argument was that i would be a really good teacher when i got out of there because he was a super awesome teacher and would teach me everything he knows. i don't know. i felt like i was being pressured so i just told him flat out that i like where i am now, i came here for the experience, having lots of people around me was important and i could work part time for him, but i'm not interested in leaving my current school.
he told his wife and this lady who works in the office (one of the 4 employees) that i was like a person from Yoyo which is their equivalent of sesame street and when i met them tonight and started talking, they cracked up. it was weird.

my birthday is 3 weeks from today!

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Anonymous said...

Stay where you are. The guy sounds rather creepy.
Love the trays.
Aunt Margy