Tuesday, August 26, 2008

build me up, buttercup

does anyone remember the crackers/cookies that are kind of glossy and have raisins baked into them? one of my kids gave me a little package of them the other day and then i bought a big thing of them today. i know i had them a few times when i was little. they're delicious.

class was good tonight. i was wearing this pink dress and at one point i forgot to suck my stomach in and one of my kids said 'teacher, are you having a baby?' and i said excuuuse me! so then the whole class starts chanting "TEACHER, BABY, TEACHER, BABY.." i was sooo embarrassed. they were completely out of control tonight and i was ignoring my 2 kids who sit in the front and scream out answers all the time and they weren't too happy. but it did have the desired effect. they sat quietly and raised their hands after 10 minutes or so.

bought a bunch of cut up pineapple, guava and mango for $100 ($3 US) and it was really good. i'm going to try to eat less rice and more fruit. although i guess fruit doesn't keep you going for very long. ideally, the weather would cool off and we could use the kitchen more and actually cook things. i think i eat so badly because i'm always eating out.

steve and i played spades with justin and noe again tonight and beat them twice. now we're 3-0. i think steve and i are on the same card wavelength.

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