Wednesday, August 27, 2008

who is wearing a gray shirt

the highlight of the day was definitely going to Bobo's to play with joyce and julie for a couple of hours today. i had never met julie before and she was sooo smart. she's probably..6 or 7?this is julie being really cute while we played taiwanese twister, which is called 'uncle wang'
us laughing at keith's butt being in the air
joyce looking blank and the rest of us looking at something?

Bobo's apartment is beauuutiful. it's inside this egyptian themed apartment complex that's super fancy and beautiful. gold everywhere and palatial looking decorations. the security guard must be used to letting foreigners up to her apartment because she teaches english to all of us every day and people are always coming and going, so he didn't even ask what floor we were going to.
anyway it's on the 11th floor (11!) and its decorated really neatly. lots of interesting things everywhere. the girls have a playroom that has a little window that lets you look into the living room. it's full of everything 2 little girls could want to play with. we colored and played twister and this cool computer game and uno.
the most fun was this ghost game which is like musical chairs kind of but you have to say 'who is a girl' and the girls have to switch chairs. funny ones: 'who is fat/who is megan's boyfriend/who has a long nose/who is missing teeth.' joyce didn't want to play because she didn't feel like she knew enough english to be the ghost, so she insisted that i hold her like a baby and let her play with me. standing up and sitting down 100 times while holding a 40lb little girl made my legs feel like jello, but we had a lot of fun.

my food people at da chu were armed with questions when i got there today. they wanted to know what my name was and how old i am. the owner's name is david kuo (i think.. i forget. kuo or huo or kho), the woman doesn't have an english name so i'm supposed to call her mrs. chan, and mr. kuo's daughter's name is amanda. i had never met her before but she was there today. mrs. chan insisted that i try this pork stuff that was in a crock pot. it's like little bits of pork and bamboo shoots that you eat on top of rice. too fatty for me.

i'm downloading michael jackson's greatest hits on my torrent tonight.

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