Friday, August 29, 2008

it's black, it's white

dena took this picture of keith and i today :) i meant to photoshop out my bra strap, but i don't have time, sorry.

woooo for friday. we played beach volleyball in my all boys and 4 girls class, and we had a lot of fun in my little kid class. it was a good day.

i bought balsamic vinegar at carrefour this morning and ate it doused on tomatoes with fresh basil tonight and it was reaaallly good. a little salt and pepper.
and i made sauteed chicken with basil, oregano, salt, pepper, oil & butter. super good.
i decided i want to learn to cook at latini's instead of the indian place. it's close, the owner and i are like this (fingers crossed) and italian food is delicious.
and we opened gram and spanky's cheese. it was sooo good. after eating mild cheddar for however-long they've each been here, keith and martin seemed like they could have easily died from cheese-loving overdoses. the outside is kind of weird like it might have separated a little, but it seems fine. i guess we'll know tomorrow.

i went to the fancy mall today and bought a pair of shoes at nine west. can't find them online, and keith has my camera, but they're shiny tan peeptoes and i love them. my $6 taiwanese shoes are making my heels hurt every day and i think i deserve some real shoes for a change. i lucked out because the sizes were in american numbers and the sales girl spoke a little english.

time to watch obama's speech on and read about mccain's VP candidate.
babies tomorrow morning!

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