Saturday, August 2, 2008

there is so much more

last night i tried to upload a video of some of my kids singing a funny song in our demo because one of the mom's made me a CD of pictures and videos, but it uploaded for like a full 12 hours and never finished uploading so i gave up on it. i could probably email it if you're interested. blogger is just slow to upload.
anyway here are some pictures from my baby class demo:
before it started. ryan, the kid on the far left, and vanessa, the girl sitting next to him, are my two geniuses. they are so intelligent.
this is them reading a story

nothing interesting happened yesterday at all really.

today i woke up super super early and keith gave me a ride to school at 815 to make it to my 9am class. they're a 'kindy beginners' class so today was the first day they've ever had a foreign teacher. it was interesting. they get wild if they're not all engaged in something and i'm not really good at switching gears quickly yet so it was a trial by fire. but it was ok. the names are hilarious: Nelly (pronounced Neely), Osbert, Kiki, Nico, Benny, Lena (pronounced len-ah), Ivan, Phina (where did they get that from?!), Brian and Becky.
they're adorable and like 6 years old or younger and really sweet. so we'll see how that goes. everyone's told me that it's like anything else here where at first you don't know what the heck you're doing and then one day you just figure it out and then it's easy after that.

after that, i had a sub class at guei san that was a WOW class. they thought i was crazy but we had a lot of fun. their QA was 'what are some differences between taiwan and the US' and the second answer listed was 'the food is better in taiwan' and i said LIES! and we talked about all of the gross food here and how they have beans on their ice cream and they were in an uproar. they said pizza and hamburgers are disgusting! anyway we were laughing and having a lot of fun talking about that. it was a good class. i'm subbing for them next week and the week after that.

on my way home, i went to another stamp place to try to get a stamp with a built in ink pad because it takes a lot of time for me to stick it in the ink pad and then stamp the paper. so i found a woman who is going to make me a stamp with my name in english on top and my name in chinese on the bottom and i'm pretty excited. it's only $150 which is like.. $4.50 american.

on the bus on the way home, this old man started talking to me from across the aisle. he said i'm very beautiful like his daughter which i thought was nice. he's a retired doctor and he said that i will love taiwan and that it's a wonderful place. he was interesting.

and i found a fruit lady who has fresh fruit and she's cheaper than the other lady i was going to. yummm bell fruit and mango in the afternoon.

came home and napped. then jerry and i went to dinner and i'm about to organize scrabble. i don't want to go out tonight because everyone's going out tomorrow for katy's birthday.

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