Tuesday, August 5, 2008

send you yellow flowers when the sky is gray

meet stamp #2. the chinese says 'mei' for flower and 'gan' for roots. that was the most pleasant combination of the 8 possibilities. my kids cracked up when they saw it and they kept saying 'mei gan.. mei gan.. mei gan' anyway it's not like my old wooden one. it has the ink pad built in so all i have to do is press down. i love it.

today a few things of note happened.
1. a little girl passed me on the sidewalk in guei san and she tugged on her mom's shirt and said 'cinderella!' which is more or less one of my dreams come true.
2. i taught one of my classes how to order off a menu at mc donalds because we're taking a field trip there next week. it should be fun.
3. my little baby class was cuuuute as could be. we played all sorts of fun games and we discovered the difference between the taiwanese sounds that birds, cats, dogs and elephants make vs the american sounds. their bird says something like 'chu chu' and they thought it was ridiculous that ours say 'tweet tweet'.
4. on the bus home i was thinking it's weird that none of the other teachers have seen me on the bus while theyre on their scooters since i feel like i'm always on the bus, and tonight when i came home and walked into the kitchen/living room thing, serena said that she saw me on the bus tonight.
5. my friend tommy helped me find a way around our internet not working. it pays to have friends who know computers inside and out. he also said..
[12:55] dirty german kid: btw i just wanted to let you know that i
[12:55] dirty german kid: i'm very very proud of you
[12:55] dirty german kid: and that i think you're a very strong and awesome person
[12:55] merganfrog: oh for taiwan?
[12:56] dirty german kid: yeah not too many people around here are into the world
[12:56] dirty german kid: people think i'm weird because i like going other places and learning about new people and cultures
[12:56] merganfrog: its been a whole lot of fun

which i thought was nice. we've been online friends since i was like, 11, and we talk probably 3 times a year.

time for bed, i am so tired.

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