Friday, September 5, 2008

[all but one of] my exes live in texas

day 1

so much has changed in 2 and a half months. my room has filled up, i've made friends, i gained a boyfriend-not-boyfriend and lost him, i've learned some chinese, and i've begun to learn what it is to be a teacher.
all in all, i'd say it's all happened as i had imagined when i applied for the job in may. i guess i've always felt confident in my own abilities, but actually moving here and starting over and building a life in a country where i don't speak the language has really made me feel very strong.

my bed on day 1
my bed on day.. 79
desk june 19th
desk some time in july
desk sept 4

it's keith's last week in taiwan. it's going to be lonely while i readjust to driving myself to work, making my own fried eggs and tea in the morning, washing the frying pan and retreiving my own mail. i also have to find someone to tell every detail of my day to (though my blog is lovely, i can't see your facial expressions and you can't see my hand motions). but! it'll be fine and we have the internet.

todayy was pretty good.
--keith gave me a short scooter lesson in the basement of the school. i'm freaked out, but i have to learn some time.
--emily bought me a really funny leopard print change purse with pink, heartshaped spots. i always joke with her about how taiwan-fabulous her clothes are.
--in my high school class, i called this kid Sean ALL CLASS LONG and they only corrected me in the last 10 minutes when i actually wrote 'sean' on the board. his name is really Eric. OOPS. i turned so red. i think my coteacher and i have fully bonded in there though.
--and the food people gave me a special dessert because yesterday was my birthday :) it was green papaya slices with passionfruit sauce. so tasty.

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