Friday, September 12, 2008

so much to see and do

emily gave me a pomelo for moon festival :) apparently it's a chinese grapefruit and they're being sold by the box around here lately. they're associated with moon festival.
mine wasn't very tasty. it was like a grapefruit that was old and dried out. but they're not supposed to be juicy. dawn said they usually taste better than the one i had though. who knows.
josh, the newest new guy, has been very helpful in pointing out interesting things we hadn't discovered yet about taoyuan. he was eating these weird nuts that come in a shell that looks like devil's horns. and he knows a baked potato guy downtown. and lots of other neat little tips and tricks.

so when i walked in to my junior high class this morning, they all started clapping. it was embarrassing but cool at the same time. it was fun to write in chalk on a real chalk board. i felt like an actual teacher.
they know a lot more english than i had expected. apparently i'm teaching the highest possible level of english in a high school. they told me they all go to english cram schools after school. their conversational english was really good. they asked me if i had a boyfriend and how old i was. probably should have lied about the latter. they were pretty shocked to hear how young i am.

i had some time to kill before class so i found somewhere to sit downtown and do my lesson plans and i ended up chatting in broken mandarin with a parking garage security guard for a while. he wasn't as forgiving as a lot of my taiwanese friends are, but we made it work.

it was a hard day though emotionally. everything literally looks different to me now without keith. i kept thinking i saw his scooter or i'd want to text him and then it would hit me over and over again that he isn't here and it was really a tough day. lots of spontaneous bouts of tears. it doesn't help that my hormones are all out of whack and i didn't get any sleep last night.

it's time to read and head to bed. i can barely keep my eyes open.


Anonymous said...

God closes a door and opens a window.Enjoy the new person in town, sounds like he has lots to teach.
Love you.

Aunt Margy

Majjy said...

Having real feelings is so much a part of life. In a weird way it's nice to know that you can care about someone that much, even though it may hurt. I generally feel better after a good cry- it can be very cathartic.

I agreed with my wise sister, embrace life as it is in front of you today. You'll make it poochie. You are a strong person and have a deep rooted, extensive support system to draw on.

I'm thrilled that the high schoolers were a pleasant surprise and far better than anticipated.

Majjy said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Mark who today is 43.

missris said...

Megan it'll be ok! We'll have an internet lonely hearts club, membership: 2.

Its_Lily said...

I'll be there in 4 weeks and I'm willing to transport treats that will make you feel better. I know you'll already be feeling better by then, but I'm still willing to arrive with treats. Any requests? And I sure better meet you when I'm there.