Tuesday, September 2, 2008

when i give my heart, it will be completely

chelsea took this picture with her cell phone. it's steamed pork buns. probably my favorite thing to eat in this country.

Gotta love Sleepless in Seattle's soundtrack. It's been one of my favorites since middle school, but i lost the CD sometime in college and just rediscovered it. Listening to my newly-synced iPod was lovely today. Nothing like listening to across the universe and a wink and a smile while it's rainy out.

I woke up so late this morning. Didn't get out of bed until noonish. I thought for sure I had woken up super early since it was so dark out, but it was just rainy. We were due for some serious rain, as we haven't had any since July really. I treated myself to 'le chang cha na cheeay' (a hot vanilla latte) and patiently wrote out my lesson plans while people pointed at me from behind the glass at Starbucks.

In my baby class, we had a section where you were supposed to glue down a picture of your family and then have people ask questions about the picture, but I didn't remind them ahead of time, so most people didn't have pictures. I brought some of my family though. They were veryyy interested to see everyone. They oohed and aahed at Jeff and Matt and one of the mom's asked if the little girl in the picture of dad and I was my kid, but it's really me when I was 6. The kids were interested to see what I looked like at their age. It's a really embarrassing picture of me in a flowery dress and a giant, puffy, hot pink head band.

My other class, full of 8-11 year olds, was enthralled with my mom. They said 'oooh beautiful! beautiful!' They also commented on how cute Jeff and Matt were. It was pretty entertaining. In that class, when I asked if anyone wanted to see pictures of my family, they all jumped out of their chairs and swarmed around me in a giant crowd with outstretched hands.
me looking pretty beat at the end of the day, eating dinner

After work, Chelsea gave me a ride home. We stopped at a Hong Kong restaurant and had yummy steamed buns filled with pork, and I had curry with rice and pork. She wrote the Chinese characters on my flashcards of Pinyin and English words and I said the Chinese and she guessed the English. Some of my pronunciation is off, but she could figure out 90% of them which made me feel pretty accomplished.

UT won their first football game against FLA Atlantic, woo!
2 more days until my birthday :)


missris said...

I bet you were the CUTEST little blondie!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Megan. Thank you for leaving such a sweet, flattering and detailed comment on my blog! Your adventure in Taiwan seems very cool. To answer your question, I use a Nikon D40 but am ashamed to say I still haven't learned the camera. That is a goal, though.