Monday, September 22, 2008

and talked until closing time

today was just kind of mixed up in general.
this afternoon, i went to latini's to have a chinese lesson with danny's wife, linda, who's studying to become a certified chinese teacher. she wanted to practice on me, so i went in today and read for her and then she helped me with my tones. it was hilarious. i couldn't stop yawning even though i wasn't tired, and she was pretty strict with me when i wasn't making the right sound and it was just giving me the giggles.
at one point she stopped me and said 'megan, you're trying to say 'i am going to school' but right now you're saying 'i am going to dumpling'.'
so that was literally a comedy of errors. i was there for 2 hoursish and it was fun and very helpful.

this evening i made shortcake with fresh whipped cream and raspberries.
i was so excited that the shortcake baked so well in our finnicky oven:

but then i tasted a little bit of one, and it was inedibly salty. i accidentally used salt instead of sugar. WHOOPS. it was in a bag that looked like the sugar bag, in the place where we keep the sugar, and i didn't even think to check. so i chucked that batch of biscuits and started over.

the second batch was also beautiful, and tasted fine. so i piled one of them with whipped cream and raspberries:
but when i took a bite, i had to run to the sink and spit it out because it tasted horrible. i assumed the whipped cream must have gone bad. but THENNN i remembered that i had ALSO used salt to make the whipped cream! damnnnn!
i used the whole container in the first batch, so i ended up with edible biscuits and raspberries without whipped cream.

gram and spanky and i cracked up tonight when i told them the story on skype, because a few years ago gram and i accidentally made salty macaroons. they were the most disgusting cooking mistake i've ever made, until the whipped cream tonight. that was truly horrible beyond words.

to round out my random day, i went bowling with the guys tonight and bowled a 66 the first game, then a 50 something, then 105, then my last game i magically bowled a 137 and ended up in second place. if i had stuck around for a 5th game i would have gotten to be team captain.
weird day. my bruise has also turned new shades of yellow and purple, but i think we can go a day or two without a visual update.

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Anonymous said...

oh man. i saw those biscuits and got so excited, and then saw the bad news about the salt...but that is funny. =) and at least the biscuits worked out in the end even without whipped cream. hmmm...i'm going to make that for myself for my birthday! i'm going to need you to send me the recipe. thanks, buddy!