Saturday, September 13, 2008

dream a little dream

today was pretty gray. it rained literally all day long so we were all stuck in the dorm. a bunch of people got into cleaning mode and cleaned the living room. serena and i hauled up one of the long couches from downstairs so now we can lie down which is nice. i spent a good deal of time sprawled on the couch.
someone put the shelf that had been in keith's room back together and we put all of the books and random stuff on it, so everything looks much cleaner.
dena talked me into bringing up "my" big lamp that i had in my room. it really belongs to the dorm, so i guess it's fair that i don't have it to myself anymore, though my tiny light is pretty weak by itself.
emil posted this sign the other day and i was pretty excited. so far, everyone's been washing their dishes after they use them which is a big improvement from the pile of dishes that were there pre-sign.

we watched Chocolat which was good for a rainy day and then steve and i ventured out around 6 for dinner to this tapenyaki place down the street. i needed to get out of the dorm after being couped up for 8 hours. we got pretty well soaked though. there's a lot of wind and the ground is like a giant puddle. most of the planters weren't draining so trees and bushes were sitting in 3 inches of water.

josh bought a turtle. it's on the coffee table right now but i think it'll eventually end up in his room.

anddd we all played scattegories. i won with 50 points, i think the next best was 43. it's one of my favorite games.
but that's about it for today. a bunch of us are thinking about going to get massages tomorrow. i know i can't spend another day stuck inside all day. one is enough. it's weird that houston/texas is getting hit by a hurricane at the same time. it feels like the whole world is under water.

oh! and i got to chat with keith on gmail. best part of the day by far. this is us on my birthday.


WK said...

Did you know that your syntax and sentence rhythm seem to change dramatically when you're upset?

This image will surely cheer you up:

Anonymous said...

I was wondering who put it up. I thought it might have been Dena bc I asked her and she was like, "I don't wanna say."
I was glad to see those signs too.