Monday, September 29, 2008

dance in the street 'til the sun comes up

me and mom, dec. 2007 on the quick road trip to santa fe

all good news
- no school today due to the typhoon, which left plenty of time for watching movies and hanging around. i made fannie farmer's baked macaroni and cheese and watched the da vinci code
- i was poking around the internet and found these glasses that are soso cute
- talked to gram/spanky, mom and keith today. i feel thoroughly connected to home today
- serena's back from vacation to the US for a week and she brought a big jar of tahini so now we can make hummus, which everyone has been craving for some reason. now we just need to find pita bread somewhere.
- mom's friend, who works at the Austin City Limits sound stage, got jeff (my middle brother who's interested in music) into the taping of the foo fighters today. he gets to spend all day in the sound booth and it should be really cool for him
- alex's mom is coming to visit in two weeks and she's bringing stuff so we can make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and i'm really excited
- the 10/10 holiday is also coming up and a bunch of us are taking a trip to a little island for 4 days
- once we get back from that, there will only be one month until thanksgiving
- after that, it's only 2 and a half weeks weeks until i go home for christmas!

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missris said...

You're coming home for Christmas? So exciting!