Saturday, September 13, 2008

all my lovin'

the guy at starbucks started speaking to me in english today and i told him i wanted to order in chinese, so i did (yi bei re chiang tsao latte), and he said i was very good and then asked if i wanted him to speak to me in mandarin or english from now on. we're going to try mandarin and see how it goes.

that isn't houston, its taiwan. we've been getting crazy amounts of rain today. i went to my first class but my second class was canceled. i wore my yellow jellies (which i highly recommend, and they're on sale) especially for the rain, but they got full of water and kept slipping off my feet. i was trying to walk down the sidewalk and i kept losing my shoes which was making me giggle up a storm. i took a taxi home because i literally couldn't walk to the bus stop, my shoes just wouldn't stay on, it was all very cinderella.

serena and i went to carrefour for dinner and found a thai place we didn't know existed. we had green curry coconut chicken and it was deliciousss! i'm excited about that place. it's pretty cheap and the decorations are nice and it feels like you aren't in taiwan for a minute.

after that, we walked in the torrential downpour to bobo's down the street. we got to play with jamie and joyce for an hour or so before they had to go to sleep and then we watched Scorpion king II which was about as awful as you would imagine. but it was nice to be at a movie night, regardless of the movie.
nowww i am headed to bed after a little reading.

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