Friday, September 26, 2008

like a wink and a smile

i've gotten used to posting pictures with my blogs now, but i don't have much to show you right now, so i took pictures of things that i look at every day that serve as inspiration and comfort when i need a reminder that i have a strong support network that's with me everywhere i go.

these are all of my book marks. a nine west receipt, a letter from marisa, a note from cody's mom stacy who let me hold her babies once a week, a latini's business card, a thing from the spa, and a note this japanese kid passed me on the bus asking if i would do a language exchange with him.

serena went back to the US for the week and she left steve her scooter, so he and i worked out a schedule when we could share it when it was convenient and it's been lovely. he let me drive it to my class at the junior high that i don't know how to take the bus to, and it was great. her scooter drives so nicely.
the class was alright but the classroom isn't air conditioned, we just keep all of the windows open, and it gets hot as hootie in there.

gram and spanky sent me this ceramic thingy. it used to be right by the doorway to my bedroom in my apartment, and now it's by the door in my room here.
keith gave me this before he left. it was made by native people where he lives in cape bretton, canada and it's called a medicine wheel. according to the card it came with, the 4 sections represent the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of a person and the whole thing is the circle of life.
it reminds me a lot of the necklace i wear every day.
the seasons. i was pretty bummed to have to replace the necklace i had worn every day since 7th grade (the top was wearing too thin to wear anymore) but i've really grown to like the new one. the symbolism is nice and mom went with me to pick it out from the place all of the silver jewelry i wear every day is from.

me and fajtown on the first day of kindergarten. it's on the line with all of my birthday cards sent from home, in front of a texas flag.

and thoooose are all of my comfort things.

i am so excited to download the new greys anatomy tomorrow morning! i'm going to 'time travel' as andy says and go to sleep so it will be morning faster.


Its_Lily said...

I love your bookmarks. Some of my favorite bookmarks are postcards of trips I've taken.

stace-c said...

Aww, that's so sweet that our note is one of your comfort things :) We miss you! I read your blog all the time. I need to show some of your pictures to Cody!