Sunday, September 28, 2008

if you wanna sing out, sing out

saturday continues to be my least favorite class day. i have a scratchy throat so screaming at 6 year olds all morning wasn't a whooole lot of fun. some people really love the kindy classes because all you do is have fun and play games the whole time, but i'm just not suited for them. i like structure and having a book to work from so it's not up to me to act like a monkey the whole time to entertain them.

my coteachers are really sweet though. daisy offered to help me deal with my scooter. she drove me to a scooter shop between classes and had a man come look at it. he drove it around and it seems to be fine. a little banged up. i need to try to talk someone into driving it home for me next week. i don't want to get on it ever again.
and dora gave me a snickers bar :) i had gotten into the habit of eating a snickers between classes really quickly because i have a minute between classes and by the end of the first one, i need some serious energy to make it through another. so that was very thoughtful and sweet of her.

other than that, it's been a lazy day. we've been getting wind and rain from an approaching typhoon. i watched sleepless in seattle, which is perfect on any day but particularly a rainy day, and caught up on american politics. sarah palin's interview with katie couric was embarassing. i'm looking so forward to the VP debate.

chatted with gram and spanky who told me spanky is getting operated on later this week for a tumor on his kidney. it didn't sound like too big of a deal so i'm not borrowing any trouble. they get to go to legal seafood in MA, one of our favorite spots for clam chowder.

45 more minutes to kill before i can listen to the UT football game on yahoo sports radio. i hope i don't fall asleep. 2:30am is past my witching hour.

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