Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ta shi li aime ma?

a quick list and some pictures.
1. dena graciously offered to take me to e sun bank to wire money home. in the next few days, i'll have $1,538 US ($50,000 NT) more in my bank account at home! woo!
2. drove around a little more on my scooter. i'm learning to lean into turns instead of trying to turn my handle bars so much
3. had lunch at latini's with jerry. no one was there so danny sat and helped us practice chinese. jerry speaks very loud and very pronounced chinese :P it makes me laugh but he's doing very well.
when we started, it was easy:
now, it's all in chinese!
it's not easy. i've named the characters in my head; 'little person with swishy thing next to it', 'little person with tiny washboard', 'thing with little tail', ...
4. i downloaded project runway, episode 9 anddd sleepless in seattle today. time to catch up on tv
5. one of my kids was looking at me today while we were reading the QA and they said 'megan, your (points underneath her eyes) is black.' ..guess i need more sleep


Anonymous said...

hah! you got a scooter. i want pictures.

missris said...

I don't have cable so I'm very very behind on Project Runway. Sad.

Anonymous said...
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