Sunday, September 28, 2008

with a capital S

the newest girl, lesley, is apparently blessed with many talents, one of them being pizza making. so we all chipped in and made pizza tonight:

this is "hippie josh" (we have 2, short josh and hippie josh, though he's asked us to discontinue calling him that as he doesn't associate himself with hippies, skirt wearer though he is) cutting the pizza.

after we ate pizza, someone checked the website and found out school has been canceled tomorrow because of the typhoon, so the beer and board games came out. i let dena roam with my camera and this is what she came back with:
dawn from england. she says 'knackered' on a regular basis which causes all of us to launch into fits of english slang slandering.
hippie josh.
josh has this genetic disease where his legs permanently retain water, so he can push them and make shapes, like this 'smiley face'.
leila. she doesn't live here, but she hangs around a lot
lesley. she came a week early and stayed in a super fancy hotel to get acclimated, bought a scooter her 2nd day in the dorm, and we haven't seen much of her since because she's usually at the gym or taking a walk.noe, my texan compadre
steve, who's one of my favorites. he's down to earth, no nonsense, really nice. he just pitched the idea of 'mustache survivor', a contest they apparently had in china when he worked at an english school there. the guys compete to see who can go the longest without shaving their mustache. there are all kinds of ridiculous rules. i think the contest is on hold until after martyn goes to visit his girlfriend in november.
alex showing you the typhoon coming straight at us
me looking pale but otherwise normal.

we'll end with keith being sweet.

keith: hey baby
taiwan is full of crap
but its got you
me: lol!
keith: you make everything beautiful

(and i won scrabble last night and tonight!, and UT won the football game yesterday 52-10, which is the third game they've played this season that's ended in the exact same score [weird], and i went to chinese lessons with linda today and learned how to say 'no thank you, i don't drink beer very often'. we were almost in tears today because of the mistakes i was making. at one point, i wanted to say 'noodle' and ended up with 'ghost'. even she made a mistake though. she was listing drinks and accidentally included 'movies'.)

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Its_Lily said...

Pizza, scrabble, beer - are you sure you're in Taiwan? *grins* Sounds remarkably like home. I posted a link to the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Erin K got to try them yesterday when I had dinner with her. It didn't look like they were going to last for long. See you soon - the pumpkin and choc chips are already packed..