Wednesday, September 24, 2008


after the ant outbreak, i decided it wouldn't hurt to clean a bit around my room, so i actually took everything off my desk and sprayed 'orange magic' and got rid of the dust. it reminded me that i still have 3 books i haven't even touched.

i don't really have anything to report today. oh yes i do. leila was hanging around the dorm and she said she was going to go get a hair cut and i had been thinking about it all week so i decided to go with her. we went to this place, MOMA, where all of the teachers go.. probably because it's right down the street.
we walked in and they only had 1 guy who was free, so i waited while he cut leila's hair and we chatted. she also got a moisturizing treatment that involved lotion, a straightener, hair clips and saran wrap. she looked pretty taiwan fabulous.
i only got a trim so my hair doesn't look any different. my bangs are a little shorter. having my hair washed and styled was lovely though. they have revolutionary chairs that don't hurt your neck while you're getting your hair washed. your hair rests on a little tray thing. i wonder why we don't have those in the US.

mr. kuo was pretty endearing when i went to get dinner tonight in da chu before class. i literally always eat the same thing every time i go, and lately they've been offering me a little taste of something new each time, trying to find out what else i might like. so tonight he got out his trusty note pad and wrote down 'like' and i said 'shi huan?' and he said 'yes! what do you like? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.' and he tried to get me to write down stuff i liked. but i told him i just don't really care for taiwanese food. but i like vegetables. it was sweet of him though.

i got teppanyaki to go for dinner tonight
mushrooms, bean sprouts, steamed cabbage and rice. $3. delicious.

that picture is kind of dark huh. i'm still figuring out my camera. maybe this weekend i'll read the manual again or get martyn to show me some things. he's our resident camera guru.

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