Wednesday, September 10, 2008

share a moonlight made for two

took some pictures around the dorm tonight since almost everyone was milling around.
emil being a total ham as always
emil and dawn, the newest girl
emil and me without makeup which is always a little frightening

george strait adds so much to my life. he's the next best thing to having my family, mexican food or my big fluffy bed with me here.

noe and the new guy, alex
serena and emil

today was low key. i felt miiiiserable in the morning because of my cold. my head hurts, i'm stuffy, i felt really hot and dizzy for the first part of the day. i went to latini's and had some lunch, did some chinese flashcards with danny.
class was ok. the one where the kids have only been learning for 2 months is kind of challenging. they just don't know very much and it isn't their fault, but it's hard for all of us.
my class after that is so much fun. i know all of them very well and they tease me all the time and we have a great time.
me and serena
steve and justin
the whiteboard. it's our lifeline

so i read most of the instructions for my camera and i found some cool features liike bringing out the red, green, or blue in any photo. check out this picture of my purse..
and then in this one i made the red brighter
cooool, huh?

finally, thank you aunt carol for the cortizone cream. i have a million mosquito bites from something and i would have died without it.
and thank you gram and spanky for the decaf salada.. and the hundred boxes of chicken noodle soup. all of the above has been getting me through my illness.

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