Friday, September 26, 2008

in a restless world

happy birthday becky! she's my best friend and she's 24 today, wooo. the picture is from last year in front of our apartment. chalk is so good.

the two of us have had a ridiculous amount of fun together in the last 9 or so years.

at the lake this summer
in london, 2006
pink party, new years 2003. all of our girlfriends used to get together on new years and wear pink and do girly things. if you were lucky enough to have a boyfriend that year, he could come pick you up and you could spend 15 minutes together at midnight before rejoining the party :P
twister at zilker. 2006ish

not a lot to report today. noe lent me his scooter for the weekend while he's outside of taipei. i drove it home in the rain tonight, got a little lost and then remembered i had been that way with keith before dozens of times and found my way home. it's weird how your memory is so different as a passenger and as a driver.

i've had a headache for the last 6 hours and screaming for 3 and a half probably didn't help. being a teacher is physically draining. standing for 2 hours and sitting down for 10 minutes really takes it out of you.

anyway back to greys anatomy. i'm downloading it, but it was taking sooo long so i found a website to watch it on as well. :) have a nice weekend, all.


Majjy said...

Happy Birthday to Becca. Cute photos of the two of you. Time flies. I remember clearly when you were 13.
Can;t wait to see the two of you at 50.

Margy said...

I can.

Anonymous said...

Awww...buddie! I'm a little behind in the blog and just saw this. Thanks. =)