Monday, September 1, 2008

but if you go in the fall, you'll have a ball

martyn, being not-so-nice, and dena, talking (as always) ;)
the living room in it's current state
the view from our balcony outside of the living room
emil, being a ham
noe on the left and justin on the right

it's funny when you bury yourself in the internet for an extended period of time here because when you emerge back into the world, it's a shock to be back in asia.

i spent most of yesterday and all of today reading various blogs. i'm thoroughly caught up on the presidential race and everyone's various viewpoints. seems like McCain is going to have a serious uphill battle in the upcoming debates. can't wait.
and i've been reading alex's mom's blog, which lead me to mary beth's blog she lives in california and her blog is about her family and her crafts and recipes and things. she has several good ideas likeee farmers market sundays, all kinds of handmade crafts, freezer jam, children's books grouped by season, growing her own veggies, etc. the best part is the beauuutiful pictures. she has a fantastic camera. when i get my camera back from keith, i'll post a bunch more pictures.
i've read all of her entries from now back to oct. '07. i'm addicted. i was on the right track, but she does a million things that i never would have thought of. it makes me excited to have a family eventually. but for nowww, i'm really happy here.

i did get out of here long enough to go grocery shopping and make some delicious cous cous salad (a recipe on mary beth's blog :X) and go bowling with keith, noe, serena and dawn. i got a 99 twice in a row! i was so mad. usually i'm better than that. the guys go pretty often so i'm going to start going with them.

and i've been a music-downloading fool. i downloaded george strait's 50 #1 singles, his new CD troubadour, the across the universe soundtrack, michael jackson's greatest hits, and the sleepless in seattle soundtrack. i can't explain how comforting country music is. especially when i'm constantly aware of how different i am from those around me. it's bizarre to be noticed wherever you go just because of how you look. actually, having noe here, another texan, really helps. there's something about texans. we're proud of where we come from and we know that our home is unlike anywhere else.


missris said...

I'm experiencing some serious Texan pride now that I'm in the Midwest instead of Austin. It's weird because when I was in Austin, I didn't care. One foot across the state line and I'm ready to gather the whole state in my arms and give it a big kiss.

Its_Lily said...

I saw you added Mary Beth's link. It was an, "huh?" moment until I read this post. She's awesome!

By the way, I'm reading your posts everyday I can. Thanks for the Taiwan updates.