Thursday, September 11, 2008

don't go in the summertime

wellll, it's 5am. i just put keith in a taxi to go to the airport an hour ago. i was ok, got in bed, closed my eyes and then i don't know what happened but i just had some kind of panic attack or something. i felt all dizzy and weird and like i needed to go home immedddiately. in my head, i know it'll be fine, but my whole body is just feeling weird and alone and freaked out. it's going to be an adjustment.

aside from thatttt, today was good. another new guy, the newest guy, josh, got here. he's really cool. he was here before and did a bunch of stuff and came back, so he isnt new to school. he has dread locks, a goattee and is really nice and laid back. he went bowling with us tonight and was a good addition to the group. steve gave me some tips and now i think i'm on the path to being an expert.

i'm going to try to sleep again. i skyped jeffy and calmed down a bit and i'm exhausted. sleep will do me good.


Anonymous said...

feel better little buddy. i found that clean toilets and water always help. =)

Its_Lily said...

Awww, squeezy hugs to you. Go see Alex and tell him how you're feeling. He's been there - many times. I've told him to go for long walks and that helps, but 5 a.m. is probably not a good time.