Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a woman on the go

wooo scooter!
i scootered to school today. it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be. i've figured out how to lean when i want to turn instead of trying to turn my handle bars. it's kind of fun. i imagine it's what riding a broom feels like. you just lean to the side and all of the sudden, you're moving over.
this is keith's helmet. mine is cuter but it doesn't protect my head as much. they have really cute ones that look kind of like an updo though. i want one of those, but i haven't seen them in any of the helmet shops i've checked out.

i showed mom and jeff my picture just now and jeff ran out to get his picture taken on his motorcycle. we are so fancy.

so aside from riding my scooter, today was pretty good. i'm learning how to write characters now in chinese class. i can recognize 'she, him, me, you, nice to meet you, mr., ms., hello, last name, first name, full name, what, country, american, chinese, japanese, and the 'question particle.'' and i can write me, you and beautiful.
the top one is ni (you) and underneath is wo (i)

after that, i went to the hospital to teach keith's hospital ladies. we went over phrases they need when they answer the phones and stuff. 'hello, may i help you?' they originally had 'what feels uncomfortable to you?' and i changed it to 'what hurts?'

what else did i do today. made pork tenderloin for dinner now that we know the oven works. it was DELICIOUSSSS, so delicious. i gave a piece to steve, martyn and noe and we agreed. and it's so easy. martyn's going to buy one and we're going to try stuffing it with bread crumbs and apples. i'm so excited. tonight i just made it with salt and pepper.
ok i'm going to dry my hair and read some before bed. zaijian!


Its_Lily said...

The writing is beautiful. Is that your handiwork? What I really love is the fabric behind the writing. So pretty. I've told Alex he needs to scout fabric stores for me - ahaha - his favorite thing to do in the whole world. (not!)

Its_Lily said...

I forgot - the helmet looks adorable.

Majjy said...

Whooo Hooo Meg!

What a wild ride! With that color scooter they ought to see you coming from miles away.

Drive carefully!