Saturday, September 6, 2008


i'm going to taroko gorge with keith and gill tonight and coming back monday afternoon. it's kind of a long journey for a day trip, but i'd like to spend some extra time with keith and taroko is supposed to be reaaallly beautiful.

i bought a nikon D60 today. the sweeetest guy at the camera store helped teach me how to use it, sort of, and showed me all kinds of things because the manual is in chinese. i ordered it the other day and it just came in this morning. it's super fancy and should take amaaazing pictures. i'm really excited.

so that is that! yay for adventures and good tools to document them with.


Majjy said...

Can't wait to see your new and improved photo capability.

Its_Lily said...

You are going to love, love, LOVE your new camera. Keep playing with it, look up the English manual online and keep taking pictures. Can't wait to see some of your photos.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Meg! You can moonlight as a photographer and be like Aunt Muggy. So, did the dried ginger or air dried mango give you the strength to climb the mountain? Lol!

Back in SD, this time for 2 weeks. Maj is coming on Thursday and it'll be interesting to see her impression of change here. I drove by Scripps Hospital last week and it has a plaque that says" Birthplace of Megan Klein". Who would have thought?

Love, Faj