Thursday, September 18, 2008

all shook up

today in pictures:

this is my outside class at the junior high. this is the side entrance
it looks more like a jail than a school to me.
my class. they're pretty good. today the topic was slang. how would you explain:
-hunk, babe, cool, wimp, loser, nerd, geek, half full, peabrain, loudmouth, sketchy, sweet
this is my wow class. they used to be my least favorite, but they're growing on me. the little kid in the front middle is 'tobby' pronounced toby
peter can do his rubix (rubicks?) cube in 4 minutes

so now, phase 2 of photos. the other day, i slipped and fell on the wet tile and now both of my knees are bruised
then tonight, i went to start my scooter and when i kick started it, it just flew forward. i ended up hitting my coteacher's mom's car. WHOOPS. at that point, i thought it was just me accidentally pulling the throttle. but then i tried it again and the same thing happened. this time though, i went down with it and i scraped the heck out of my leg and my foot :( i also got a hole in my dress and scraped up my new shoes.
my leg before i cleaned it out

after a shower and neosporin

so i left my scooter at school and one of my coteachers gave me a ride home. this weekend i'm going to go with someone to see if the throttle is stuck or if i was just being stupid. either way, i think i'm done scootering for a little while. that didn't last long, huh?
that was my day.


Its_Lily said...

oooh, ouch! That looks so painful. Thinking I should bring boots and chaps since Alex and I will be scootering around the island.

Anonymous said...

Geez Meg-
I like your slow build up to your scooter mishap! Yikes! You ought to have someone look at your wounds. It hurts just looking at the pics! Maybe you need a new scooter with electric start etc when you get back in the saddle.

Be careful!

I'm at SD airport waiting for a plane home. It's been a long 2 weeks.

Talk to you over the weekend.

Love, Faj

Margy said...

Yikes, looking quite nasty dear niece. Perhaps you should invest in a good pair of walking shoes and keep both feet firmly on the ground.
Hate to see you all scraped up.
Good thing aunt Carol sent the neosporin....
love you.
Aunt Margy

Alice said...

Were you trying to kickstart it in sandals or what?