Thursday, September 25, 2008

oh, when you're low

bobo made fun of my characters today. she said there must have been an earthquake when i was writing one of them. that was pretty funny. i'm a beginner!

i'm not sure what to do about the ladies at the hospital. it's weird to be in there when no one is really talking. they mostly speak chinese and then we translate words. it's hard because you can't play games with a bunch of adults. but we have fun anyway. who knows.

becca's birthday present finnnnally came today! she mailed the box i think august 15.

it looked like it's been through a lot over the last month in the mail.
she lived in uganda for 3 months this summer with her boyfriend, working at some kind of health clinic. the details are kind of fuzzy, but they had a good time and experienced some hard core african culture. it makes taiwan seem like the Hilton.
my favorite thing is this star that was apparently made by a guy who camped out on their front porch a lot. she said she bought one for herself too so we match :)

andd somehow she successfully sent dirt for my dirt collection. i started my dirt collection i think around 2000.. and now i have dirt from greece, turkey, paris, a bunch of places in the US including central park, a rock from brighton, UK, a rock from versailles and one from scotland, and then sand from spain and a bunch of beaches in the US.

my dirt collection shadow box. the sand one is way cuter but i guess i don't have a picture of it.

i went to chat with nicky at the spa for a bit today. i'm wondering where the best place to get my hair highlighted would be. i think i need to go to taipei. i'm too afraid to trust taoyuan. anyway we got to talking about food and she suggested i try out this place for lunch, so she wrote me directions on a card and wrote some chinese so i could walk up to someone and have them help.
i'm glad she did that because i couldn't find it with the directions, so i asked this woman and she actually left her little shop and walked me to the place. people in taiwan are so helpful, it's been amazing.
the actual food was disgusting. "meat floss", cabbage, and other unidentifiable dried meat products wrapped inside a crepe thing. those red things are pieces of dried fish, i believe. needless to say, i didn't eat it. i did take one bite. meat floss is not my thing.

words of the day:
tai tai (tie tie) - mrs.
tianqi (tee-en chee) - weather
xiaojie (sheeow jeeay) - miss
mei (may) - beautiful
leng (lung) - cold


Its_Lily said...

I'll pack pumpkin and the choc chips and we can make them while I'm there. I'll be happy to give you the recipe. Yummm!

Majjy said...

I'm glad that you've grown to love your replacement necklace.

Anonymous said...

HAH!! the box. whoa. i'm surprised the star made it intact after seeing that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and P.S. just so it's out there...Meg is the BEST and ordered me Tiff's Treats for my birthday. Ymmm.