Wednesday, June 17, 2009

117, 98

many exciting things today.
i woke up to a soft knock on my door, and when i opened it, keith was out in the hall! in my sleepy state, i just waved him into my room and we chatted up as i woke up. we spent the day at carrefour, the bank, tina coffee and a coffee shop (where we asked the owner to please keep keith's chocolate ice cream in the freezer while we sipped rose milk tea). it was super, super nice to see him.

it's funny because in some ways it felt like it was september again and nothing had changed, but now i know my way around and i can ask for things in chinese and i've got the sparkles with allen.. so really, a bunch of things have changed. it was good to catch up though.

almost as exciting as seeing him.. they have ivory lavender body wash again at carrefour!! i've been in there every week for mooonths and it's been gone, but it's back.

what else today. our QA in my first class was 'do you like to exercise? what kind of exercise do you like to do?' so i was hopping all around the room alternating between running, jump roping, doing ballet, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc. and the kids kept saying 'megannnn! you are crazy'. the class after that thought it was even weirder since they didn't even have the exercise QA. tuesdays are so awesome though. i love those kids.
today we did the complimenting section in side by side so they had to stand up and compliment me or someone in the class and it was awesomeee. it was painful for some of them.

a bunch of us went bowling tonight and i didn't do very well but we did have a lot of fun. it is way too hot in this living room to stay out here. they BETTER fix it tomorrow!

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