Wednesday, June 24, 2009

here is what i know now, goes like this

living with 20 people is an exercise in patience and understanding. nothing divides people like cleanliness habits. my own reaction to the filthy kitchen has been to just stop using it. i haven't cooked anything since december. at the most, i'll cut up some fruit or veggies.

if i don't get the internship, i'm moving into an apartment with tess and katie! it makes me excited about staying here, if that's what ends up happening.
love this note.
well wednesdays are wonderful again now that i've resumed chinese class with linda. i hate the class i teach, but now i can look forward to chinese for an hour after class. it's at the coffee shop, with mellow music and coffee (the golden retreiver) asleep at our feet. i can't say enough good things about linda. she doesn't let you move on until you fully understand. she makes you practice a lot. she talks really fast and corrects your tones.

now i'm very clear on when/how to use 'dao' 'le' 'cong' and 'hai mei'
wo cong mei guo zuo fei ji dao taipei qu. i came from america and went to taipei by plane
wo cong jia li lai. i came from the house
wo hai mei chi fan. i haven't eaten yet
wo jin tian mei chi fan. i didn't eat today
jerry lai le. jerry is coming
jerry yi jing lai le. jerry already came
wo zhen zai lai le. i'm coming now
wo zuo huo che qu. i'll go by train
wo zuotian zai tu shu guan kan le shu le. yesterday i read books at the library
ni dao na li qu? where do you want to go?
wo yao qu taipei 101 ke shi wo hai mei qu. i want to go to taipei 101 but i haven't yet

AAAND, the ever confusing 'how you got there'
kai che - drive a car
zuo qi che - ride in a car
zuo huo che - take a train
zuo fei ji - take a plane
zuo chuan - take a boat
zuo ji che - ride on a scooter but not drive
qi ji che - drive a scooter
qi moto che - drive a motorcycle
qi che - car (noun)


missris said...

Ewww I would not cook either!

davidc said...

ni dao na li qu? Where do you want to go might be more commonly said "ni yao cu na li?" or "ni xiang cu na li"

i have no idea how to write pinyin :P

megan said...

q is ch and c is ts