Wednesday, June 24, 2009

if i leave before you, darlin'

these are bobo's pictures of the water gun extravaganza.
well i had my interview tonight. they asked questions that i wasn't really prepared for.
who inspired you to go into public service?
if someone was writing a memoir about your life right now, what would your legacy be?
(is it just me or does joyce look noticeably taller?)
if you were running for office, what would your campaign slogan be?
[note the onlookers.]
i feel like i answered as well as i could given the 2 seconds i had to think about my answers. fingers still crossed. she said something about another department making the final decision, so i think how i look on paper is the most important part. they'll let me know the first week in july.
tonight we went bowling for steve's birthday. there must have been 20 or so people there. i finally met mike's much-talked-about girlfriend. she seems nice. she looks eerily like him. mike was wearing socks that she knitted for him.


davidc said...

goodluck and the water gun fight looks sweet! it's been years since I've done that!

megan said...

it's way more fun than you even remember it being

Its_Lily said...

Megan - you'll love this link:
The pics are jaw-dropping fab, but I think this would be a blast to do also. Perhaps at the beach where you can jump in the water and clean off?

Anonymous said...


Its_Lily said...

I guess you better shut them tight and hold your breath. Some of those shots are caked with powder on the eyes. I would love to photograph your "Holi" event.