Tuesday, June 9, 2009

vancouver's best music mix

i'm back in business in the land of technology today. allen and i went to lunch and we had some extra time so we went to get ice cream at carrefour and he helped me pick out an external hard drive while we had time to kill. i bought a 350GB drive for ~$45. now all of my music/movies/pictures are protected incase i get a crazy virus or have to wipe the harddrive for any reason.

as i was backing up files, bobo called to let me know the new AC adaptor had arrived at her house. the generic one from the computer store would give me an error message saying it wasn't exactly right and the computer would be slower and the battery wouldn't charge. so now i'm lightning fast again.

mr. kuo was funny tonight.
him: long time no see!
me: i know! how are you? i brought you tea
him: friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. five days no see you
me: but here i am now
him: did you miss me?
me: yep
him: you missed me?
me: yes!
him: yesterday i dream you are here
me: i was in your dream?!
him: yes. we very miss you. 5 days.
me: my grandparents say they miss me very much because they haven't seen me for one yearrr and you see me every week.
him: wrong! they saw you at christmas
me: wrong! i didn't see them then
him: well we very miss you this weekend

one of his classmates was there tonight. she brought them dumplings and mrs. chan was trying really hard to get me to let her make some, but i was stuffed with the stir fry she already made. his classmate was talking to me in chinese and she said i was very good for one year. makes it all worth it.

ny magazine had a beautifully designed graphic with the results from a poll of the class of 2009 grads and how they feel about the economy/world right now. it takes a little bit to load but it's interesting.

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