Sunday, June 28, 2009

i am thailand

this is one of jimmie's pictures from last night of tess, steph and carly. cute!
well today we woke up laaate, late. i went to the fruit market in search of mango and tea. i asked a random woman with fire engine red lipstick if she knew where i could buy cong dra bing. she told me to walk around the corner.. i did.. no one was there. so she went with me, and the stand was running late or something. i think she counts as a fruit stand friend though.
then this afternoon jimmie, allen and i headed to songshan to find cute dresses at wu fen pu. you can't appreciate the full ugliness of that dress in the picture. the top was gold and sparkely.
we walked and walked and walked through lanes of clothes. it had rained this morning so everything felt sticky and gross. but jimmie and i both found a couple of dresses we couldn't live without.we ate at the top of taipei main station and met some guys from holland who are traveling. they've been all over the place and they're going to be in thailand in july so i gave them emil and my contact info. they want to do a dive course. they haven't even looked into teaching english. they thought you needed to be able to speak the native language.
we played the closed-eyes maze game on the train home. allen won both times. ..i found these little patterned business cards at carrefour. they have the most random things on them but they're all really cute.

best picture in a long time:
allen and my new dress. i need to lengthen the straps a little but it's totally taiwan fab. and it was six dollars.

i was chatting with josh's girlfriend, elva, tonight and she told me that when she first met me, my chinese wasn't very good, but now it's better than josh's! she's learning a liiiiiittle english and right now all she can say is hello, goodbye, 'how much for one night?' [which josh shouldn't have taught her], and apple.
she had fake nails that were about an inch long, half blue sparkles, half natural, with painted on flowers anddd jewels. she said they cost $40US or so and they'll last for a month.

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