Thursday, June 18, 2009

the list must be honored

there was a cockroach in my shower bucket. i was hootin' like a girl but what are you supposed to do. it was INCHES away from my hand when i reached for my conditioner. i'm just hoping it crawled in there while i was in the shower and it didn't come from my room. sick. i swept just now but there are about a million places for nasty things to hide in this room.

tonight only one thing of note happened and it was during my second class with my 8 year olds who don't know very much english at all. i've had them for 3 months or something at this point. there's a kid in there, alex, who literally can't sit still. he definitely has ADD/ADHD.
anyway tonight he was jumping all around the room as usual and he just stopped in his tracks and asked sarah a question in chinese. he said 'why does megan have blonde hair and blue eyes when all of us have black hair and brown eyes?' it was hilarious. i'm not sure if it never occured to him or if he just hasn't stood still long enough to notice until tonight.

a whole bunch of people have mentioned how they just have a feeling i'm going to get the internship. if we could all just visualize me in DC, i would appreciate it. tonight my favorite administrator was at my school and i told her about it and she got all excited. she hugged me twice and this woman isn't a hugger. she was wearing a dress tonight because she wanted to 'soften her image'.. if that gives you any idea. but she agreed that it would be a once in a lifetime thing and she thinks obama is the coolest.

find of the day: youtube videos from improv everywhere like this no pants in the subway day. they do things like spontaneous musicals and flash mobs. that stuff is so entertaining.


missris said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

maybe the administrator hugged you because she knew you're leaving????


megan said...

hope so :)

davidc said...

see you in DC! :)

Anonymous said...

i've been told that the cockroaches are huge in taiwan; probably 2 or 3 inches.

megan said...

the one in my shower bucket was a baby but i think the other ones are the same as the US. i guess i should consider myself lucky for not having seen any enormous ones.