Wednesday, June 17, 2009

internship news

i got an email from the white house saying they need my info for a background check so we can do a phone interview!!! cross your fingers!

p.s. this you know you've been in taiwan too long when... list is soo funny. i think about half of them apply to me

jon: you're really sitting in your room with no AC right now?
me: yoyo and jason came to fix my internet so i had to just sit here while they fixed it
jon: your face is all red and greasy looking.
me: yeah this heat is insane
jon: the white people are dying.


Majjy said...

Yippee! It would be wild to work at the White House. It's consistent with your values, your support of Obama's platform and your liberal democratic viewpoint. You're more Mannix than Klein politically and i love you for it...

Will be seeing you getting it!!

Beverly said...

Fingers crossed!

I hope this goes well for you!

megan said...

thanks :)