Sunday, June 28, 2009

just live your life

long long lonngggg day yesterday. mrs. chan has found her voice now that mr. kuo is sick. she was chatting up a storm. not that she doesn't usually talk, but she doesn't usually sit and talk to me. she's usually cooking or just talking to him. anyway it was nice.

at one point, they were discussing how my stomach is fatter than it was when i got here. i triedd to make the case that it was just how i was sitting, but they weren't having that. then we got into this whole thing about how she thinks she's so skinny and then they asked for my measurements and then she went in the house and came back with measuring tape. i couldn't stop laughing when they were making the hourglass shape with their hands in reference to myy body because i'm pretty much as straight up and down as they come.
in the afternoon, jimmie, ray, allen and i went to see transformers 2. i didn't realize it was opening weekend, so we waited in line for an hour or something just to get tickets. by the end of it, we had spent something like 6 hours at the mall.
i never saw the first one, so it was kind of lost on me, but it was cool to watch the machines transform. there's a scene where all of the kitchen appliances turn into little robots.
then in the evening a whole bunch of us went to a club in jeng li.. i know that's not how you spell it but i can't think of the right way.. anyway it was interesting. the effect of taiwanese people speaking english to me and then me saying one line in chinese to them and seeing the look on their face just never gets old.

when we were at the movies, this 5 or 6 year old kid said mom, americans! and i said that guy is from canada and his mind was completely blown.
the club was fun but i have a quiet voice and i don't like dancing so being in really loud places like that where everyone you know is dancing isn't my favorite thing. but we had a good time. i'm headed toward shower #2 to try to wash some more smoke out of my hair.


Anonymous said...

smoke? isn't it illegal to smoke in doors now?

megan said...

technically yes. but they still do it =\ it isn't heavily enforced.