Friday, June 19, 2009

just dance

allen and i went for japanese at carrefour this afternoon. if i had a penny for all of the breaded pork steaks i've eaten in this country.. but i do love them and i'll never eat this quantity of japanese food at any other point in my life.

anyway we're going downstairs and he pulls this numbered key out of his pocket and mumbles something about how he doesn't know what this random key opens. i assumed it was some key from the hospital and passed it off, but he handed it to me. eventually it clicked that it probably went with one of the lockers in carrefour where you can leave a backpack or something.
i really wanted to see what was in it, and he was getting oddly shy about it and trying to get me not to look, so this crowd of people was forming around us, watching us go back and forth. after a minute he let me open it, and there was a bouquet of roses and a card inside! totally sweet. when i went into the living room with the bouquet in hand, dena just started laughing. he definitely has a certain style.
so my internship phone interview is set up for tuesday night, taiwan time, and i started driving myself insane reading some message boards and researching, but i've decided to just let it go until tuesday and trust that it's going to work out. or that's the plan.

steve showed up at the dorm tonight so i ran for my camera so i could capture his [ridiculous] mustache. he's been rockin' that thing for several weeks now.
we went to paspi the other night for dinner and the owner took one look at him and he just couldn't stop smiling and chuckling to himself.


koji said...

.....for a second there, i thought the key was for those infamous 'love' motels in taiwan......heheheheh

good luck on the interview

megan said...

oooh bite your tongue, koji! we barely even hug. i don't think that's going to be a problem.

thanks :)
hey i want to meet your grandma before i leave! details.

Anonymous said...

so, i'm behind. are you dating allen? point me to the blog that tells all about him and includes a picture.

wool and misc said...

hi! thanks for adding tiger butter to your blogroll :) i look forward to reading about your taiwan adventures~

megan said...

we aren't really dating. it's confusing. we're waiting to see what happens with the internship.

i love tiger butter! raina and karly/erin are some of my favs, so its fun to see them somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

i did read that one! i guess i missed the we-might-be-dating clues. well, for my sake i hope you get the internship so you'll be with me in DC. =)