Thursday, June 11, 2009

she's a peach, she's a doll, she's a pal of mine

table 6, robbie, mousa, i thinkkk one of the joyces and heck if i can remember that other girl's name even though she was so good. it was the last day with my jr. high class. it was weird knowing it's the last time i'll see them. their english was so fantastic that it's one of the only classes i feel like i reaaaally got to know because we could talk about more things than our favorite color/food.this is what bleaching cream will do to you. mrs. lin is a bird of a different feather. really sweet but really weird.
the classroom was so awesome. painted walls! open windows! round tables.
allen and andy were my favorite boys. allen played the part of the princess in their 8th grade play. he wore a baby pink ballgown with a gold tiara. andy is just really down to earth and sweet. last week he sliced open his finger while working on his little table out of popsicle sticks during break time so he was out all class.
table 4. willie, andy, jim, allen and sherry.
table 2. meg, amy and jason. jason is the one they call turkey because he laughs like a turkey. he is soo funny and has zero inhibitions. today whenever anyone talked to him he would go stiff like a board and say 'ZZZZZZZZZ' and shake all around.
table 5, stuart, joyce, shelly and i think one more of the joyces.. wellll mrs. kuo boiled some delicious squash today. they agreed that my dress is very watermelon-y. i really love them. they are soo fun and they can read me like a book.
whenever mr. kuo sees my eyes start to get teary he always switches the topic immediately. not like i'm constantly on the verge of tears. but if i'm being quiet or something he always asks if i miss my mom and dad and there's something about saying it out loud that really makes you feel it.
larry, the biggest ham in taiwan. he's awesome. his english is better than ALL of my coteachers. he talks incessantly.
allen and i went to tina coffee tonight. i ordered a waffle and it ended up being a waffle, a pile of guava, tomatoes, apples, grapefruit and oranges all cut up anddd a tea anddd a scoop of gelato. i think that's my new thing. yum.
allen has made a note of every single one of my idiocyncracies. we both copy each other and it's pretty amusing. this involves him saying 'psh, ssss, hmph' or making big dramatic overtures and weird faces.. and me saying things like 'your eyes are in my heart' and 'allen.. i just want to say.. i very like you'.

jimmie will be here in 6 hours!

p.s. how cute is this mug?!


Jimmie said...

I know exactly what you mean by saying it out loud makes you really feel it. I was fine both times I went to the airport until we actually said, "I love you. Bye."

But, hey, I'm here!

Its_Lily said...

I'm going to miss your daily updates from Taiwan. (sniff) Are you sure you won't stay another year??

Seriously, I hope you continue with the blog when you get back to the states. You've become a part of my daily life and I would miss that.