Thursday, June 4, 2009

come again some other day

the rain woke me up last night because it was banging so hard on the air conditioner sticking halfway out my window, and it hasn't stopped raining since then. there's something really relaxing and cozy about a good rainy day though. and teaching my jr. high class with all of those open windows was pretty nice. larry had a bag of chocolate with pop rocks in the middle and i probably ate 10 of them while i was teaching today.

this week is playdough week in all of my classes and we've been spelling, shaping and throwing it. it's amazing how i've given each table two colors to work with and they've resisted the urge to swirl the colors because they have such respect for teachers and other people's belongings.

i'm excited tonight because frank, one of my biggest trouble makers, was doing really really well in class. he was answering questions and he was actually making the right things out of playdough. we're making progress. maybe it was because alex was stealing the troublemakers spotlight. he was cackling like a crazed witch the entire class. boys.

speaking of troublemakin boys, allen and i were saying goodnight outside of the dorm after we had tea tonight at the coffee shop, and josh was on the balcony with his guitar and started to serenade us.. it went something like megan and her boyfriendddd saying goodnightttt in the rain under some umbrellas, i love youuuu, i love youuuu.

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