Tuesday, June 23, 2009

do you think we're fallin' in love?

i just booked my vacation to thailand! yay! july 8-19th. should be good. keith is going to fly there with me so i'm not afraid. we know a million people who are hanging out in koh tao right now. i'm going to get open water dive certified, drink cocktails on the beach, hang out in my own bungalow, buy thai fisherman pants for jeff and matt.that water doesn't look too shabby, does it? emil, on the left, is going to teach me. look at leila's braids! they've both been there for a couple months or so now. this is what they've been up to..
emil doesn't even drink.

i still have a return flight to the US on july 8th. i guess i need to do something about that. my interview is tomorrow night and i'm hoping i'll have a good idea of whether or not i'm getting the internship since i have to guess at when i should change my flight to. august or december?!

think of me on tuesday morning from 9-1!

p.s. in class related news.. my babies were learning 'taiwan, japan, the USA, canada, england' and 'france' and every time they said taiwan, carol would have them chant 'taiwan! taiwan!' it was cute. and debby kept patting my tummy and screaming BABY. she's a rolly polly little girl and i was having all i could do not to pick on her. but i didn't.


Calvin said...


I thought this article is about you and Allen. I was kind of excited when I saw the title. Anyway, it took me sometime to realize that Allen = TWBF.

megan said...

just random song lyrics :)

matt said...

I definitely want some fisherman pants.