Friday, June 12, 2009

our eyes will be on coraline

some more pictures from yesterday. these are our 'serious faces'. mrs. lin had to tell me to stop smiling. i'm just not good at that.
i think i want my next job to be "professional hostess". this morning i just bareeely missed jimmie's arrival because her plane was an hourrr early, but we caught up over fruit and tea. i'm checking things off my jimmie list and so far we've experienced bell fruit, guava and the green tea from ching xin (it's either ching xin or xin ching..).
we also went to carrefour, which i think was total sensory overload, 7-11 and IKEA. she had her anita meeting and she observed jerry's class and after 42 or something hours of not sleeping, she went to bed. i think it was a good day. seeing taoyuan through new eyes was an interesting experience for me.
ray and i went to dinner during our long break. he's been here for something like 2 or 3 weeks now and he hasn't done anything! i guess we've all kind of overlooked him because he knows julia, but i forget that she's pretty new too. i gave him the map i made jimmie and hopefully he'll be eating somewhere other than mc donalds and KFC by the end of the week.
he doesn't like rice though. i don't know how that's going to work. he had mango and passionfruit smoothies for the first time though and we went to the stamp place, so he's on his way.

keith should be here by now and i'm super excited to see him! i hope we can hang out tomorrow at some point.

p.s. guess who's headed to thailand in the middle of july to take a diving class taught by emil?! dawn's going to be hanging around there the same time as me, as are about 10 other teachers. we're all staying in the same compound of bungalows. it should be a really nice vacation.


davidc said...

i think i missed the significance of jimmie...? hehe..and nice attempt at not smiling haha

Anonymous said...

taiwan is the beef noodle capital of the world!... or so they say. i think not eating rice is doable; though not for me personally.