Sunday, June 14, 2009

can you grill a turkey?

spent an hour or so at the kuo's this afternoon because mr. chen and mr. wang were there. mrs. chan made fried pumpkin thingies and she taught me how to make them. i took a picture that i'll upload in the morning. she made enough for me to bring some of the extras to the dorm, and they were a big hit.

jimmie and i explored the fruit and veggie market and we did the little night market down the street. now she has a fruit lady and she knows where the tea shop is. i need to teach her the numbers soon so she understands the prices. as we were waiting for my cong dra bing to fry, this woman who was also waiting was asking me a bunch of questions. jimmie looked at me and said 'i can't believe you're speaking chinese.'

things i forgot were weird in taiwan..
long green bell peppers
long, skinny eggplant
the millions of food stands with all sorts of brown animal parts
many varieties of tofu
jelly consistency
old people riding those little 4 wheel chairs down the street
fructose syrup instead of granular sugar
tomatoes being included with other cut up fruit
sidewalks with loose tiles instead of concrete slabs
the lack of 'american style chinese' food

we went to tina coffee for "dinner" if you can call a waffle, fruit, gelato and tea dinner. the super nice woman from the first time i went was there. she told me she gave me a special deal on the gelato but not to tell anyone :X i'm not the best secret keeper there ever was.

i still haven't seen/spoken to keith. hopefully i can meet up with him some time tomorrow or early in the week. time for bed, it is laaate.


missris said...

I was bragging to someone the other day about how awesome you were for sticking it out in Taiwan and even thriving!

megan said...

:) yay thanks! i'm excited to see what your next adventure is