Saturday, June 27, 2009

heal the world

only a few things today.
flannery sent jimmie and me letters! look how cute.
i cut open a dragon fruit i bought the other day.. the outside looked a little rough but i thought it might still be OK.
it tasted kind of funny, though i've never had the purple dragon fruit (sometimes they're white with black seeds), so i'm not sure what it was supposed to taste like. i decided to just try again another day.
it pouuuuured in my first class and there was a giant, beautiful rainbow oustside. i was thinking about how unfortunate it was that i wouldn't be able to document it, but then i get home and i have pictures of the rainbow from allen in my inbox. so sweet. we went to latini's for lunch today and he kept singing a 'megan melts my heart' song and then he would pretend to throw up because he knows i don't like overly lovey dovey things like that. it's been an interesting progression.

the entire town of guei shan went outside to look at the rainbow.


davidc said...

that rainbow is pretty epic

Jimmie said...

Ray said he could see it from Dar Yuan. It's funny because you don't think of rainbows and the kind of thing people see from really far. :)