Saturday, June 6, 2009

the sun-sweet berries of the earth

i haven't done so well with pictures this week. alex guppy invited me to be a part of a group he's forming where we have a new photo assignment every 2 weeks. this weeks theme is 'an object out of its element'. i guess right now there are only 3 of us. two in taiwan and one in paris.
it's just for fun but if you want to submit something, just email (this means you, david chu).

well tonight i went to bobo's movie night because my early morning classes were canceled! and serena goes back to america on sunday so it's likely the last time i'll see her.
it always makes me feel a little heartsick when people leave. i can't believe we've already been here for a year! it's bizarre to think back to this time last year and how the dynamics in the dorm have changed since then. but being an english teacher abroad reminds you, more often than most situations would, that things are always changing and you can't live in the past.

things to love about taiwan today..
-a bundle of lychees, 2 mangoes and a bag of gingery plums for $5 and the continuation of my new fruit women friendship. i swear every time i go there, there are more butchering stands along the path to the fruit way at the back
-my 3rd favorite tea shop lady was wearing her work polo with a gold sequined, multi-tiered skirt, leggings and boots
-bobo's nighttime security guard, michael, who i haven't seen in months and his unabashed hitting on every foreign girl in sight

p.s. anthropologie did its fashion shoot for the catalog in austin this time and they wrote about it on design crisis. love that blog.


Majjy said...

You know my "there are no accidents or coincidences"............after looking at your post of the Design Crisis blog guess what came in the mailbox today? The Anthropologie catalog shot in Austin..he he

davidc said...

heyhey! where can I see photos? or submissions?