Wednesday, June 17, 2009

three things that belong to you

alan and natalie gave me this plant in september and i'm happy to report it's survived and dare i say thrived under my sporadic care. i can't take total credit though, it lives on the table outside my room and i think dena waters it a couple times a week too.
i'm organizing a water gun fight on sunday evening. earlier this week josh brought home a water gun and invited us all to shoot him, and it was a lot more fun than i remembered. i bought one today and i think we can get at least 30 foreign teachers in on it. should be fun to storm the big park with a bunch of water guns. i can't waiiiit to see the taiwanese people's faces.
class was actually fun tonight. i decided to just let the chinese speaking go. they know they shouldn't do it and there's nothing i can do. we played a bunch of games and at the end i had them get out a piece of paper, make a snowball and we threw them all around the room for 10 seconds and whichever side had the most had to stand up and ask a question.

first they banned together and threw them at ben, then they stuffed them all in my purse so i just attacked them and then they threw them at me while my coteacher defended me. it was pretty fun.
our QA in there tonight was 'what are three things that belong to you' and they mostly said things like my money, my clothes, my pencil.. but i also got 'my virginity'. i guess we've turned that corner. they wanted to hear all about my first kiss. they also asked what kind of student i was in high school. i think they were kind of disappointed to hear i was a good student. so uncool.
i looove folded toilet paper. it can't roll anywhere. it's convenient.


Its_Lily said...

a water gun the park....with a bunch of foreigners! You'll blow their minds. *grins*

Keep the camera dry, but you better get pictures.

Becca said...

are you really going to have a water gun fight tomorrow? (i'm catching up on your blog.) i want to come! nirav and i just went around with my dad taking engagement pictures. it was fun and entertaining.