Monday, June 8, 2009

p-p-p-p-poker face

some more random zoo/ximending pictures.
low key day. tess got her hair cut in taipei today and it is sooo cuuuute. i think i'm going to make an appointment for next week.
i wrote up a section about taiwan travel for jerry's website. that guide is becoming reaaally wonderful. i wish we had that when we first got here.
did i tell you about our new guy, ray? he's from canada and he is the chattiest boy i've ever met. if he's in the same room as you, he's definitely going to talk your ear off. in a good way though. yesterday he was singing the theme song to duck tales and rescue rangers. he knew every single word. it was amusing. he's a nice addition to the dorm.
jimmie AND keith get here on friday! i'm getting so excited.


Anonymous said...

just checked out jerry's website. you're linked! nice. p.s. you have one week to claim anything at the apartment. otherwise, the movers will pack it, move it, and i'll find it in DC. =)

megan said...

i think all i have there is the shower curtain and the dresses under your bed