Tuesday, June 16, 2009

baby of mine

my internet isn't working in my room right now so i'm in the living room which just isn't the same. today seemed like it was nonstop. i went to bobo's for chinese.. this week i'm learning sports and some other random thing that i can't remember right now.. i learned how to say pleaaaasseeee (bai tuooo, bai tuo).

then this afternoon i ate quick lunch before jimmie and i headed to the hospital for our health checks. the woman couldn't find my vein when she was taking blood and she could tell i was freaking out so she said 'oh, good, good!' when she tried the other arm. it was nice because she was being really abrupt through the whole thing but she knew when i needed some reassurance.

right after that, i had time to do my lesson plan and then it was time for class. busy day. class was pretty funny. jasmine asked me if i was still going to go home and i told her i'm waiting to hear from the white house to see if they'll take me for this internship. the kids just heard me say 'obama' and they asked if he was my boyfriend. i said yep and their mouths dropped and they said 'reaalllly megan?! obama is your boyfriend?!!!'

the most exciting part of the day is that jon came back from america! wooo! i've been missing him. i thought he was coming back yesterday. he adds such good energy to the dorm. he's always saying funny things and he's positive and friendly. i've missed our friday dinner dates too.

pumpkin thing recipe:
1 smaller-than-a-volleyball, bigger-than-a-baby's-head sized pumpkin.. hollowed out, cut into chunks (not necessarily peeled) and shredded with a large cheese grater
(it would probably also be really good if you subbed zucchini or some other kind of squash)
3 eggs
a generous pinch of salt
keep adding flour and water until it looks like thick pancake batter
drop generous spoonfuls into hot oil and cook for about a minute and a half, turning once, until theyre golden brown around the edges (they'll keep cooking for a little bit after you take them out)
ours had no other seasoning and it was tasty but you could add anything


Anonymous said...

Bai tuo can also be used to express disbelief. In the same way we use "please"... or rather, "puhleeeesse."

megan said...

ooh good tip! thanks