Thursday, June 25, 2009

splishy splashy

after not drinking for a looong time, 2 glasses of wine has a greater effect on me than i remember. is it affect or effect in that sentence? i think effect.

anyway.. the highlights:
lunch at tina coffee
ice cream with keith
watermelon at the kuo's
mr. kuo has a ganmao, cold, so he can't talk
2 classes
one with an overachieving coteacher
one with an underperforming coteacher
dinner with keith
jerry's friend phil got here
learning new things about new-ish guy, dane, who i don't know anything about
making up the rules of pretend-marriage with alex guppy
going to go read blogs and go to sleep.

p.s. internship emailed me to say they'll let us know the week of july 6th now. that takes a liiiittle relaxation out of thailand vacation :P hopefully that will mean the 6th or 7th.


Its_Lily said...

I can only imagine how those rules go if they're made up by AG. lol

I nearly went out for ice cream at 11:30 last night. Such a craving. It's scorching here. 96 and 90% humidity. Gee, sort of like Taiwan, but it's Michigan for heaven's sake. We aren't tropical.

Anonymous said...

affect is a emotional response.

effect is a causational response.

Anonymous said...

cause and effect


megan said...

thank you, thank you.

i keep popsicles in the freezer just for that kind of night, lily :)