Wednesday, October 1, 2008

folded and put away

i could fold warm laundry all day long. when i got here, i bought a (really expensive) container of the same Tide (original scent) that my mom has always used and i've used since i started doing my own laundry. the smell of it makes me feel very at home every time i do the wash. usually i sit on my bed, dump out the basket into my lap and fold it while it's still hot. i think that's why so many people hate laundry, they wait until it's all gone cold and then there's no joy in it.

anyway. i'm getting over the creepin' crud. i still have some junk in the back of my throat, but my body doesn't feel as run down as it has been the last few days. one of my kids has the same thing as i do. it's hard not to get sick when everyone's always sneezing on you and coughing while they're reading to you. dena said some kid literally sneezed in her eye the other day.

the weather has cooled down significantly since the typhoon. we're in the low 80s now during the day and at night it gets pretty cool. my clothes feel damp when i take them out of my 'closet' in the morning though, and that doesn't make me too excited. we have no heat, so when it gets cold, i've been told you feel like you can never get fully dry. everything's always chilly and damp. i guess we'll get to that when it comes.

it's officially october in taiwan! the months are flying by.
time to try to finish off harry potter 2 and notes from a small island so i can move on to some of the other books i brought.

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missris said...

I love doing laundry for exactly that reason.