Wednesday, March 4, 2009

and you search for a chair, but there's nothing at all

weird day. it felt so long. this morning i woke up and made myself get out of bed and walk to carrefour to make jerry chicken soup before he got out of chinese at 11. he had a cold in class on monday and i wanted to do something nice.. but i didn't get my act together in time to drop it off. he picked it up later in the afternoon though. man i love chicken soup. could it be any easier?
classes were ok. tuesday feels so long. i was so frustrated with my first class. they didn't know anything and it was very evident that even the kids who i thought could read really aren't good readers at all. i need to get back to basics with them.

tonight i got home and alex was in the living room and justin mentioned trivia night and alex actually showed interest in going out and doing something, which doesn't really happen too often, so i told him i'd go if he went. he rallied, so i went. they assign the teams randomly but it ended up being me, alex, and this guy from the south group of schools named pat. he was really interesting. he worked at the Lush factory for a while. ..i guess the more i drank, the more interesting he got. funny how that works hm.
when i got home tonight, look what was in my wallet! the ellusive $2000 bill. i'm not sure when i got it. i guess they paid me with it tonight? i didn't even notice. time for bed. it's reallly late.

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