Friday, March 20, 2009

can't believe i've never noticed my heart before

i discovered a new blog and thus new music. it's a young couple who just got married and the blog is mostly about their wedding, but i just love their style in general. their wedding was beautiful and easy and fresh.
anyway they talked a lot about their wedding music and MuteMath was one of the artists. i guess i had heard one of their songs but the name of the band didn't ring a bell. it's good though.
today i sang da xiang to..
the spa
7-11 lady
guei shan front desk
my kids
coffee shop in guei shan
construction workers

that's my learning style. barrage the taiwanese with my shaky new vocab words until they look at me with understanding in their eyes rather than confusion.
this is the rubble i walk by every day
i was trying to write lesson plans but it was so beautiful outside that i grabbed my camera and went outside. alex was waiting for the bus.
i'm still too afraid to take pictures of strangers so it's all stationery objects without people.

look at this GIANT HOOOLLEEEE. i walked by yesterday and it was like HOLY MOLY A GIANT HOOOLE. before yesterday it was just a concrete patio and now it's a giant trench.
i confiscated this from one of my kids yesterday. i find myself collecting all sorts of weird items.

here's jerry showing you the stuff i've confiscated that's now floating around in my purse.
this is jerry showing you how dissatisfied he is with being my hand model.
also note the UT shirt, straight from the maj.
time to think of fun games for my kindies tomorrow morning.

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Majjy said...

That logo happens to be my favorite UT shirt.